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Razna lake

Is one of the largest lakes in Latvia.
Total area – 57,6 square km.
Maximum depth – 17 meters,
Length - 12 km,
Width. - 7 km
43,5 km of beautiful shore


Rezekne is the 5th largest city in Latvia with a population of over 38000 people. Rezekne is in the center of Eastern Latvia called Latgale. It is a crossroad of the ways from Moscow to Riga and from St.Petersburg to Warsaw. Rezekne is often called “the heart of Latgale”.

Rezekne lies on seven hills and the river Rezekne flows between them.

The monument “United in Latvia” which is also called “Latgales Mara” is the symbol of Rezekne and Latgale.

Welcome to the «Rāznas līcis»!

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«Rāznas līcī» - wonderful recreations on the shores of RAZNA

Guest house «Rāznas līcis» is situated in a picturesque place by the RAZNA lake, 260 km. away from the turmoil of Riga. We have never-ending possibilities of active rest and sports, organization of seminars, conferences and festivals as well as swimming and fishing.

You can occupy cosy rooms either for 2, 3 or 4 persons. We can accommodate up to 60 guests.

«Rāznas līcis» can offer you:

  • A banquet hall for 80 persons

  • Two conference halls for 15 and 70 persons

  • Russian bathe, sauna, swimming pool, dzakuzy, picnic house and family guest house.

For economic-class guests:

  • Rooms for 2 without shower and fireplace.

  • Football, basketball and volley-ball grounds.

  • Boats, water bikes and wind surfing for those who appreciate active recreation.


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